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japan map Overview: We offer fixing services, location assistance, permit acquisition, logistical support, facilitation and coordination services to foreign TV and movie production companies who have shoots or other short-term projects in Japan. In short, we act as local "fixers in Japan". We can provide references on request: see below.

Where we operate: we are based in Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan, but jobs have taken us deep inside the exclusion zone to the slopes of an erupting volcano in Miyazaki, to shrines in Nagoya, beaches in Itoshima and research centres in Kobe. We work [almost] anywhere.

Some examples of projects
2013/10/9 - 2013/10/12
Fixing for Mint Pictures, in Fukuoka making a documentary for Red Bull Media House on the Red Bull BC One Asia Pacific Final, 2013 at Kushida shrine, one of a series to air on Go! Channel in Australia.
References available.
Episode:Samurai (Show: Warriors) Show:How It's Made.
Network:History Channel Network:Discovery Channel
Client:High Noon Entertainment.Client:Productions Maj.
References available.References available.
What we can do: We can arrange locations, permits, permissions and waivers for you as part of your pre-production. We can provide on-the-job fixing. We can also locate Japanese groups, companies and services in the area you are going to, liaise with them to get you the support you require and then provide on-site facilitation support to make sure things go smoothly.

We are also happy to dig in ourselves, drive vehicles for you, help lift and carry, make sure you, your crew and "talent" are fed and watered, and generally look after you in a foreign culture. We usually meet crews at the airport and drop them off there on the end.
Who we are: We are a small "people company" run by a British expat with 21 years of experience living and working in Japan. We offer a dedicated service to overseas clients. We take a "project level" view of what you are doing, supporting your shoot producer or project manager with the cultural knowledge that only living in Japan can bring.

To put what we do at its simplest, we find the bits you need, help you glue them together and make sure they stay glued together... more >>
Why you might need us: People who have lead projects all over the world tell us: "Japan is different. Getting things done is a LOT harder here and takes a LOT longer".

In our experience Japan IS different - particularly if you are doing business outside Tokyo or Osaka. It is not just the language - althought that is a factor of course, it is the business culture, understanding what constitutes professional behaviour here (and how to deal with it) - and - quite simply - knowing which buttons to press to get things done.

For more information, contact us to discuss your needs.