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Who We Are

We are a small "people company" set up in 1999 by a British expat with over 21 years of experience living and working in Japan.

We offer dedicated facilitation and research services to overseas clients.

Our core English-speaking Japanese staff member has wide experience of working for and with Japanese companies at all levels, as well as many years experience in international business and negotiation.

We take a "project level" view of what you are doing, supporting your project manager with the cultural knowledge that only long-term work and residence in Japan can bring.

To put what we do at its simplest, we help you find the bits you need, help you glue them together and most importantly in Japan - make sure they stay glued together.

We do most jobs in house, but may occasionally draw on a small pool of specialised freelance staff if required for particular projects. However, unless we tell you to the contrary your primary contact is ALWAYS Nick May.