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Yumi Shigematsu / Japanese Facilitator & Interpreter.


Location Logistics Support: Shigematsu's primary responsibilities are to locate and make initial contact with Japanese companies able to provide the goods or services demanded by the overseas client.

She provides a "Japanese business culture" point of contact for the local companies Kyushu Fixers deals with.

Research / Fact Checking: Shigematsu is usually responsible for most of the nuts and bolts of business research projects, before working with a native English writer or editor to create a final project report.


Shigematsu spent a year in Canada at the University of British Columbia honing her English skills.

On returning to Japan in the early 1990's she worked for a several Japanese international trading companies, negotiating with suppliers in the USA, New Zealand and Australia, as well as within Japan.

In the mid-90's Shigematsu left to become a Company Director of a produce trading company, undertaking numerous business trips, both within Japan and abroad, to negotiate with suppliers.

She also had overall responsibility for product research, budgets and compliance.

She has extensive experience of dealing with a whole range of Japanese companies in an array of situations.

Tiring of the international travel, she left the company in May 2002 to become a fixer for Cogito Ltd.

Shigematsu's hobbies include Japanese archery, Golf and Skiing.

She is the very proud owner of a slightly absurd Golden Retriever.