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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What are your rates?

    A. We work on a daily or hourly rate, depending on the size and type of job. We don't discuss rates until we have a rough idea of what the job entails.

  • Q. Do you have your own logistical resources? E.g., can we hire lights / grip / makeup-artist from you?

    A. You tell us your project and your budget, we locate and liaise with Japanese companies who can service your needs. We then provide on site facilitation to "glue" everything together and to make sure that things go to plan. For lights / grip / make-up we work through a local Japanese production company.

  • Q. Are you willing to travel?

    A. Sure.

  • Q. Can you work in Tokyo?

    A. We can but we don't. There are plenty of people/companies who are based in and around Tokyo and it simply would not be cost effective for you to fly us up and accommodate us.

  • Q. Are you associated with any Japanese government or tourist organisations?

    A. No. We are a private company and we deal with our clients on commercial terms.

  • Q. What is the difference between a facilitator and an interpreter?

    A. You tell your interpreter your problem, s/he translates it into Japanese. You tell a facilitator your problem, s/he helps you solve it. Some interpreters MAY be prepared to do more than interpret - but many have quite firm ideas about the limits of their job...

  • Q. Can you book hotels for us?

    A. We are not a travel agent - we can't "book hotels" - you are better off doing this over the 'net. However, if you are travelling to somewhere out-of-the way and need accommodation, we can certainly help you find somewhere decent to stay, as part of other work for you.

  • Q. Do you receive commission from local Japanese companies for bringing clients to them?

    A. No - never. Our choice of companies to work with depends entirely on the needs of the client. Of course if we have worked with a particular Japanese company before we will use them again if appropriate. In general they will bill you for their services, we will bill you a facilitation fee. Naturally, we are on hand to ensure that things go smoothly and that you are billed fairly and reasonably.

  • Q. Can you prove you are actually in Japan?

    A. This is a strange question - but we do sometimes get asked it! Proving one is in a particular spot at a particular time is actually quite hard, in this age of virtual communications. But if this is actually important to you, we can make a short video of us holding a piece of paper with your company name written on it, with a particular location in the background. You can then check that location is indeed in Japan, by comparing the video background with what you will see with Google Street View.